miercuri, 31 octombrie 2012

Primele 100 de cuvinte #5

Acum citesc Volumul 5 din Academia  Vampirilor: Limitele Spiritului sau Spirit Bound în engleză. Şiii primele 100 de cuvinte sunt..
There's a big difference between death threats and love letters–even if the person writing the death threats still claims to actually love you. Of course, considering I once tried to kill someone I loved, maybe I had no right to judge.
Today's letter had been perfectly timed, not that I should have expected any less. I'd read it four times so far, and even though I was running late, I couldn't help but read it a fifth time.
My dearest Rose,
One of the few downsides to being awakened is that we no longer require sleep; therefore we also...

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Rose ღ spunea...

Am iubit cartea asta. <3 Mi-a si frant inima, dar chiar si asa e imposibil sa te superi pe Dimitri ^_^

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