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Review (27): Love Lines (Love Lines #1) by Diana Nixon

Gener: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Publishing date: March 29th 2012
Pages: 478
Author: Diana Nixon
Published by: Createspace
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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Dreams. What are really they? Some strange image of our most hidden wishes, pleasures or even fears. They are trying to make you do right, or not? However dreams are not the image of the future. Well, at least they are supposed not to.
Eileen Clarke has been having these strange nightmares: unknown voices, people, places and the same typescript. So her best friend, Amanda Fairey, takes her to fortune teller, trying to figure it out what those dreams mean. What happens there? Let’s just say that nothing expected. The meeting with the fortune teller just makes Eileen more confused and she can’t take out of her mind what she had told her: “Don’t be afraid of...” Not to be afraid of what?
The young girl will go through a lot, falling for a guy she barley knows, finding out more about something that happened in the past and will influence her future and confronting her worse fears.
And that’s how I saw the story begin. Love Lines is the first book of a set of five, written by Diana Nixon. A book that has really got to my heart – there were few books that have succeed to make me really enjoy a love story. Passing through the great cover - that really takes your eyes and makes you wonder what kind of love story you will find under it – you can find a balance among love and adventure. There is a really thin barrier between a good story with love, mystery and adventure and a simply, gray tale that has no essence. Diana Nixon shows that she knows how to build a great story, mixing very carefully all the ingredients that lead to something wonderful.
Eileen is the central character of the book, but there is Christian that seems to have a really important place in the whole action. And now comes the big question: Who is Christian? (Since we already knew who Eileen is.) He is Amanda’s older brother and someone really important in Eileen’s life, the boy that captures her heart. And there is another important character that you should be aware of: Even Murray, a extremely hot guy who will lead Eileen through the dark and a real support for all of them, Christian’s best friend. (And now something that  probably should not be here in the review, but remember how good-looking are boys in books, especially the main characters, well imagine a guy that is that and a million times more hot and ladies and gentlemen – particularly ladies – I present you Even Murray. I am never impressed with a minor character, but this guy has totally won me.)
In this book you can find those mesmerizing moments that you lived in your childhood, you find yourself locked in the history of people, in a new world where there are some special peoples that have abilities hidden, kept secret. The reader is introduced in the history of Dever, an old university for those persons with unbelievable powers. There are seven families that have created this place so their children could learn about what they are capable of and how to control themselves. There are seven faculties as there were seven families: Fairey, Feta, Meridin, Ventura, Vero, Embry and Wizardy. What are their powers? Well that’s something that you will find out if you read the book.
Do you know how is to wake up one day and find out that most of the stories that your mom told you when you were a child have become reality? That’s what Eileen went through. She discovered that she has these amazing powers that everyone would kill for, a shame that does not know from who did she inherit them.
What a really enjoyed at this book was dual perspective: Eileen’s and Christian’s. It was really nice to pass from one to another, I haven’t time to get bored with on character and I avoided starting to hate the main heroine – something that happens to me sometimes when all I read is about her and her dramas. I discovered a real funny side of the characters, there were some moments when they stepped on each other’s nerves and that is when it gets really funny.
Another thing that I was surprised about was the real concern that Diana had for each of them. I mean I would not have lost my mind for Even if he wouldn’t have been so careful treated. What I want to say is even if they are secondary characters or even episodic, they are treated like they are main characters and that’s something impressive.
Overall, what is important is that Love Lines is a great story that brings a whole different perspective about the love stories, it’s like a revolution. A story that covers all that is important in a book: mystery, great action, love bounds and legends. The book gives life to a new universe, on which I want to live and if there is a Even expecting for me I wouldn’t mind.
Diana Nixon is a talented author that is now one of my favourite among some contemporary authors.
If you are an adventurer that doesn’t mind to read about the love bounds or you are simply a fan of romance novels you should certainly read this book.


5 comentarii:

Diana Nixon spunea...

I could have never imagined that someone could actually speak about my books with so much adoration, but I was so impressed by your review, Stefana, it has become one of my favorite! Thank you! And I would gladly send you a copy of my next book:)

Ştefana Alexandra spunea...

I am really happy that you liked my review, I wrote it with all the pleasure. I haven't been so excited with a book since Hunger Games.

Maria spunea...

Sună chiar foarte interesant carta asta, iar eu sunt fan înrăit al genului din care face parte :D
Poate voi reuși să fac rost de ea la un moment dat, recenzia ta chiar m-a făcut curioasă :D

abhishek leela pandey spunea...

A great review is what a creator loves the most... kudos Diana... and good job, stefana :)

abhishek leela pandey spunea...

an appraisal is what a creator wants,,, great Diana :) and good job Stefana

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