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Review (28): Song of the wind (Love Lines #2) by Diana Nixon

Gener: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Publishing date: November 29th 2012
Pages: 424
Author: Diana Nixon
Published by: Createspace
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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After Eileen had to face her destiny, now she has lost the love of her life, Christian. He is trapped in a magical dream because of Eric Lanster, a maniac that wants power. Trying to bring him back she has to go through a lot of hard moments and put under question her friendships. They say that love bounds last forever, but what happens when one is broken? Who dies and who lives? What changes?
When you can do nothing to stop the destiny, you have to find ways to get what you want, no matter what the price is. Eileen is forced to do things that she doesn’t want to, but there is no other way. Will she be forgiven?
Continuing the story from the first book, Song of the wind is the story of an adventure. Eileen, the main character, and her friend Even are going to France, the home of Meridin, one of the seven families, whose descendants have the power to interpret dreams. Will they succeed to bring Christian back?
The second book of the series Love Lines brings in main plan the story of Even Murray who helps Eileen to go through everything. If you remember, the first book had a dual perspective, Eileen’s and Christian’s, well in this book Even takes Christian’s place and gives the book a lot of funny moments. Having Even as a main character is really interesting, since he is not an ordinary character. We find out more about his feelings and thoughts. Even is that perfect friend that will always be there for you, even if he has to drop out his own needs and feelings. He is a real support for the others and I think that he is that character that exists in each book and makes you want to hug him hard when he is strong only because someone needs to be like that.
In this book is a real adventure. There are more moments of tension, more enemies and dangers. We step out from the real word and go deep down in the universe that surrenders the book. We meet ghost that need to be free, legends and another family that has special powers. Some connections between the characters are clearer and some abilities are revealed.
What is different from the first book is that Eileen is a stronger character; she becomes aware of her powers and is ready to use them against whoever threatens her friends and family. Plus the relationship between Even and Amanda is less tense since they both realised that nothing is going to happen, they are too alike to be together. Eileen’s parents are reunited and I cannot tell how those two had had a relationship, I mean they are totally incompatible!
The author keeps creating that magic in the book and you have no way to get out of the story, you have to read it until the end. The moments between Eileen and Even are so sweet! I always thought that they would do a great couple, but Christian is Eileen’s soulmate and I have to resign to the idea. Well I hope that there is someone that will make Even happy, because he has been through a lot, and Eileen just make things worse sometimes, if you have read the book you know what I refer to.
The title of the book is such a match! *SPOILER* Eileen and Christian succeed to communicate through the wind and the moments are so perfect! I mean what could be more romantic than this? *END OF SPOILER* Diana has a talent to create amazing moments in the book, sometimes I have reread the passages when Christian and Eileen are together or when Even has a moment of thinking because there are great description passages that deserve to be remembered.
When you thought that will be a moment of pace that everything will get back to normal there is a clock that starts ticking on the wall and a new mystery is waiting. The ending let me thinking and I have my guesses, but I prefer keeping them to me because I am not 100% sure that they are true.
Song of the wind is a book that you have to read.


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