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Review (29): From Scratch (Love Lines #2.5) by Diana Nixon

Gener: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Publishing date: January 21th 2013
Pages: 61
Author: Diana Nixon
Published by: Createspace
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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Sometimes we think that what we choose is the best for us, but there are few things that are really good for us. Carried by our feelings we forget that nothing last forever. So in the end all we have are our memories. Through them we live again the most important moment from our lives, but sometimes people forget that they are part of past and what was can never be again. We have always to look into the future and leave the past behind us. One step forward and non back.
From Scratch is the story of Even Murray and his old relationship with Tara Mackenzie.
This is an amazing story about Even, we find out more about this amazing boy that has stolen the hearts from so many girls that have read the first books from Love Lines. I was thrilled when Diana released the book, because Even is one of the best characters that I have ever read about. This short story speaks about Evan’s life after his parents’ death and his relationship with Tara.
What I can say for sure is that I dropped some tears while reading. Diana has succeeded to bring all his feelings at surface and create a beautiful story. While reading you find yourself in Evan’s place wondering how you would react in his place. His feelings are so strong that at some point you can tell what you feel and what he feels.
The short story is a continuation of the first two books. What we read are some pages from Evan’s diary while he is with Eileen and his other friends in Norfield, celebrating Christmas. He reads a few memories about his Christmas after his parents’ death and about how he meets Tara and other special moments with her. That’s how we met a different Evan, one that is vulnerable, but still has his humour and his –sometimes pissing – attitude.
The evolution of Tara and Evan’s relationship had some difficult times because of Evan’s brother involvement, Kevin. He is one obstacle in their happiness. Why? Well you will have to read the story to find out, or to have read the first books from the series. Anyway, they are together at one point, but there is something that tears apart everything.
The ending of the last memory of Evan was shocking, I knew what would happen in the end, but the way it did was unbelievable, it broke me and I am sure that Evan has destroyed too. She had no compassion! I am still outraged for what she did! I will never, ever have the same opinion about Tara she is so not the nice girl that I have pictured her.
The last few lines from the story had made me relax a little bite; still it was a heartbreaking story.
Diana has created something amazing that really is worth reading, even if you haven’t read the other books. Evan is a great character that disserves what’s best.
And now a quote that is from the story, a quote that will make you realise how great this story really is.
“But life goes on despite everything that’s going on around us. And it means that there will be millions of happy seconds, thousands of hours of laughter, hundreds of days full of joy, and a whole eternity of love. And all these things are worth the hoping, living and dreaming. Because no one knows what tomorrow’s sunrise will bring. But it’s always up to us what the next day with end up with….”


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