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Interview Diana Nixon

Hi, guys! Well you probably know by now that we are celebrating Love Lines' birthday. So I thought that you may want to know some interesting things about the person behind the books. Thank you Diana for this interview!
P.S. Ştiu că deobicei postez interviul în română, dar de data aceasta îl voi pune în engelză. Promit că încurând îl traduc şi-l pun în română, am fost foarte ocupată cu şcoala şi câteva mici proiecte şi nu am mai avut când să traduc interviul.

1. How would you describe yourself in a few words?
I’m not perfect:) I want everything to be done my way. And I can be very stubborn when it comes to getting something I want so bad. Maybe that’s why I’m a self-published author. I like to have things under control:) I think I need to say something good about myself as well:) I’m an easy-going person. I can’t stay angry for too long, and I’m a hopeless optimist. I never give up, and I love my life. I like making people happy, and I like when people I love make me happy too. It looks like I said a little more the just a few words about myself, but I’m an author after all! I can’t stop at a few words:)

2. What was your dream as a child?
Frankly, I don’t remember:) But I’m sure there were times when I wanted to be a princes, a doctor or an actress. I never thought I would become a writer, but now I have a great opportunity to make my every dream come true on the pages of my books.

3. Have you ever imagine that you would become a published writer?
When I started writing my first book, I wasn’t thinking about publishing it. I was getting so much pleasure from the process of writing that nothing else mattered. When the book was finished, I realized that my hard work needed a reward:) And so I decided to publish Love Lines. And today I’m happy to realize that it was a good decision. I’ve made my dream come true and I’m truly happy to know that there are so many people who are looking forward to read my next book:)

4. What would you say to a teenager that would want to become a writer? Which would be your advice?
Never stop half-way. If you want to write, if you want to be an author, do your best to make your dream come true. Because there’s nothing more exciting than holding your own book in your hands.

5. Who is your favorite book character? Describe it in a few lines.
In my books it’s Evan Murray. He’s fanny, and smart, and attractive. And he’s a very brave and good-natured person. Among the characters from other authors’ books I would emphasize Aiden and Seth in J. L. Armentrout’s Covenant series, Kaidan from Wendy Higgins’ Sweet Evil and Rose and Adrian from Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy.

6. What was your starting point? From where did come your inspiration to write this series? Is there a connection between the series and the real life?
My life is my inspiration:) So yes, there is a connection. I’m sure it’s impossible to write about the things you’ve never experienced yourself, so the biggest part of the emotional background of Love Lines was taken from my own life. I’m truly blessed to love and to be loved, and this is probably the most important source of my inspiration:)

7. If your book were made into a movie, who do you picture playing the main characters part?
One of my favorite questions:) First, because I do want my books to be turned into movies, and second, because I like imagining the way my characters would look like in reality. So I think that Chace Crawford would be a perfect Christian Fairey. Sean Faris as Evan Murray; Taylor Swift as Eileen Clark and Lily Collins as Amanda Fairey.

8. What can you tell us about your future project?
As I have already said in one of my previous interviews, I’m planning to write a trilogy about the guardian angels. I’ve already starter writing it, but as my Love Lines series takes most of my time, I think I will be able to finish the first book of the trilogy by end of summer. Maybe earlier:) I can’t say much about the plot for now as I’m still thinking about the best way to make this story unique and creative.

9. How did you choose the book covers and the titles from your series, Love Lines?
My Love Lines series has two collections of covers. Those from Black and White collection were made by me, and those from the colorful one - by the amazing designer Jennifer Munswami. I like making covers for my books, though I wouldn’t call myself a designer:) The titles reflect the main ideas of the plot, so it’s easy to choose them:)

10. Let a message for the Romanian people that are reading this interview.
I keep wondering how my books, written in Belarus and published in the US became so popular in Romania:) This is incredible! But I’m very happy to have so many friends and fans in Romania. It’s always a pleasure to read reviews, written by Romanian readers and to be a guest on their blogs. I hope one day we will be able to see each other in reality:) Thank you for your love and support and I promise to do my best to write more good books for you to enjoy:)

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Ralu spunea...

Congrats on the interview and also Happy Birthday to Love Lines! :D The book looks lovely and I might check it out in the future.

Ştefana Alexandra spunea...

You should read it! There is a character, Even - yeah the one that is Diana's favourite - that is gorgeous. And the books are really great.

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