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Review (35): Firefly (Cicada #2) by Belle Whittington

Gener: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publishing date: February 2nd 2012
Pages: 347
Author: Belle Whittington
Published by: Createspace
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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There are many things that can change one’s life, like your best friend and boyfriend to get close to death and you discovering that your life is not that normal that you think. Blair Reynolds has been through all of this, so what can she do about this? She is everything, less normal. She is the queen, not the ordinary girl she thought.
Now that all her friends have left to do God knows what, and left her alone, the only thing she can do is start building the puzzle of her existence. Piece by piece she analysed it, but will they fit in the final image?
Life is a continuous struggle. Life is a mystery. Life is not what we want to be.
Firefly, the second book of the Cicada trilogy, brings the unknown into Blair’s life, into her future, into her existence. Trying to discover who she is, Blair gets into a labyrinth from which she cannot escape without help. But whose help? After months of waiting we finally have some clues to unlock the mystery that has surrounded the events from the first book of the trilogy. Questions like: What happened to Cicada? Who was it? Where did Everett and Andrew left? Why?, get their answers, but there are new one who appear... Everything is like a vicious circle. The reader is invited to put two with two together, well if you ask me you have to be really shrewd to put the pieces so they make the puzzle.
I have really enjoyed the book. The characters have grown and got more mature from the first book. Blair is not that little girl who needed protection, now she is the one who protects the others, even if may seem different, because let admit it, what boy will ever be ok with his sister or girlfriend to protect them? And there is the sweet bug boy, Everett. He is extremely cute, something that has kept from the first book and now is hot, so hot that I started to have more feeling for him that I have for Andrew, and I really like Blair’s brother. It is true that he lost some points with his haircut, but Andrew is still my favourite boy in the book. But there is some new guy in the picture... Ash! Yes! Finally I found out who this guy is. I mean, I have heard a lot about him and I wanted so badly to find out what’s the deal with him. And now I know! Well, I can praise myself because I have guessed who he is before Blair... Ash is a hot guy who Blair meets at the university, but he is not an ordinary boy, he is special, so special that in the end you may get shocked if you haven’t had at least a small guess.
You know what its say, that the first book is always the better? Well, this time I can’t agree. Firefly is so much better then Cicada. There is more action, more intrigue, more everything! This book has definitely won her place between my favourite books. I always enjoyed a book that doesn’t have only action, but also makes you think. Firefly is like those detectives books that I used to read when I was younger, I felt like Sherlock in one of his missions while reading Firefly.
And there is the way this book was written. Cicada was at third person, I think that most of you know that, well this has changed too; Firefly is from Blair’s perspective. I don’t really know what to think about this. I have enjoyed the book, even if I prefer books that are written at third person. I had the occasion to be one step in front of Blair, although it was from her perspective and I thing that that’s why I liked it so much.
Another thing that is changed is Belle’s writing. It is clear that she have improved her skills. She has been writing really good before, but now it’s just wow! There are more feelings in this book, more passion. I felt like I was the character, like I was in there struggling to stay alive.
The final of the book made me want to throw my e-reader! I mean who ends a book like this? Blair just started something and the book ends... Well now I will have to wait a year or so for the last book to be released! I already waited ten months for this one and I finished it in what a week? No, I think that was not a week, a few days maybe... That is so not fair.
I recommend this book, you should read it.


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Belle spunea...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read FIREFLY and to write such a heart-felt review. It does my heart good to know that you enjoyed it so much! ((((((( hugs )))))))) from Texas!

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