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Interview Melissa Andrea

So before you can read my review, I thought that you would understand it better and would feel more connected if you would know some of the author's thoughts. Thank you Melissa for this interview!

1. How would you describe yourself in a few words?
Girly, Sassy, Strong, Motivated, Determined, A softy, Loyal, Stubborn for sure haha. I will always be there for my family and my friends, no matter what.

2. What was your dream as a child?
It changed constantly! Like seriously, weekly, but I love animals and at one point I wanted to work at Sea World, but I have horrible eyes and I have to wear contacts, so that kind of blew that dream out of the water. I loved writing, but I don't think I thought I could be an author one day. I'm glad I was wrong!

3. Have you ever imagine that you would become a published writer?
Opps, I guess I jumped the gun on this question haha

4. What would you say to a teenager that would want to become a writer? Which would be your advice?
I will have the same answer every time! Always believe in yourself! Don't be your own worst enemy! It's very easy to psych yourself out. So step back, read a book, eat some ice cream, watch a movie - do anything to relax your mind & then try again. Don't give yourself limitations, writers know no such thing.

5. Would you want to describe a little your book (The Edge of Darkness) from your point of view?
I'm all about doing something different. When everyone was writing about Vampires and Werewolves, I introduced a an entirely NEW breed of fantasy/paranormal, with Flutter and it's the exact say with The Edge of Darkness. I wanted to do something different than the broken girl and bad boy. Don't get me wrong, Ryland and Araya are broken in their own ways, but I feel like I put a refreshing twist on my characters. I may be the only one who feels this way though haha.

6. Who is your favorite book character? Describe it in a few lines.
Can they be my own? Of course they can be mine own. I love my characters and especially the entire cast in TED. They've made me laugh quite a few times :))

7. What was your starting point? From where did come your inspiration to write this book?
I wanted to be different. I wanted to do something new. I wanted to open and inspire a different kind of broken. I'm excited to see if I pulled it off!

8. If your book were made into a movie, who do you picture playing the main characters part?
Yikes, that's a hard question. I don't know that I would want anyone currently in Hollywood to play my characters. I think I would want fresh new faces!

9. I saw that Araya is a dancer, at least was. Why dance and not something else like music, drama?
That's just who she is. When I created Araya, she was tiny, feminie, graceful - It's just who she is. She embodies everything I imagine a dancer would be.

10. What can you tell us about your future project?
I will be working on the second book my Fantasy Series, Flutter & then I will work on Book two in the Darkness Trinity Series, A Beautiful Kind of Darkness. I will also be working on Allure later in the year, which is another fantasy series I'm starting. & I also I have a few more NA Contemporaries I hope to get out soon. Did that make anyone else eyes cross??

11. How did you choose the book cover and the title?
I don't want to give too much away with the title because it actually explains a lot in the book. It's part of the twist in The Edge of Darkness and I am both very excited and very nervous to see everyone's reactions! The beautiful girl on my cover was actually picked by Sarah, my cover designer at Okay Creations. and I just helped with minor details, but I love it. It's dramatic and eye catching. Just like I think my characters are!

12. Let a message for all those who are reading this interview.
That's dangerous because I could write an entire book in itself for readers!! I know it's been done a million times over, but honestly and sincerely thank you so much for taking the time out of life to read my books, to read any books really! I'm honored to be apart of your insanely huge TBR list!! Thank you for all the support and I REALLY hope you like The Edge of Darkness!! MWAH!!

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