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Review (42): The Edge of Darkness by Melissa Andrea

Gener: Drama Romance
Publishing date: May 31st 2013
Pages: 390
Author: Melissa Andrea
Published by: -
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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When you are forced to give up your dreams what can you do? Nothing. There is nothing that can get you out of your own darkness. Or it is? To believe, a simple verb that can make you change. To love, a verb that will hit you out of nowhere. There is one major incident that can change our life, or there are two? Three? How many of them? You can never know. The only thing you have to do is live and hope for something to happen.
When darkness meets light there is a flame that lights the dark.
Araya Noelle is drowning into her own darkness after the accident that takes away her passion: dance. She is finally accepting that there is nothing that she could change. No hate, no resentments, just resignation. In her own shell, she has no contact with the outside world and it’s starting to be worse. What can be done? “Nothing” she would have said, but the she met Ryland Dare.
Dare. Dare. Dare. Only his name is daring her. Forcing his entry into Araya’s world, Ryland is the light in the middle of the obscurity.
The Edge of Darkness is written by Melissa Andrea. This author is just amazing. I never thought that a story with such a simple plot could make me so emotional. I enjoyed every single page. Araya’s life was something that I cannot really explain, it was a mess and her family did not make it easier for her. However she was ok with how she lived, because she did not have something to compare this to. What was different at this book? Well, there was the way things were between Araya and Ryland, they haven’t that messy love that makes everything complicated, no it was easy, and they did not really have something. It was the way they react that made everything better. Beside Ryland, Araya and her family it was his family, Dare family. If I was thinking that Araya’s relatives were not quite a family, Ryland’s was worse. His father was the kind of guy that wanted everyone to do as he says, as he wants it to be. So there is where all the problems start because the entire Dare family is like this.
The characters were really nice built; they had good and bad sides. You know the books where the main character, the boy, is that charming guy with a bad temper? Not really sounds like Ryland. And Araya, even if she had her moments of weakness she had proven that she can take care of herself and be independent.
I don’t know what impressed me more: the way it was written the book or the story. I was happy to see that we could be in two worlds in the same book: Araya’s and Ryland’s, we had the two sides of the story. I am quite limited when I know only one side of the story, I like being everywhere and this gave the book some pluses from the beginning.
Maybe you wander what is with the title or you make assumption about it, I can tell you that you won’t guess, it’s something that I could not imagine, I didn’t even think about it, I had a whole different interpretation. This is an example of a good choice of title, because is amplifying the mystery.
The end of the book was wow! I was expecting only one book, but it is a series. So I was dazed about how it ended. Even if there are many books, I was hoping that I could find out the answer to the question that has tortured me through the story, but no, I haven’t, so I am planning to read the next book, or books, I want to find out the answer. There isn’t a closure. Nevertheless this was not everything. The final of the first book has something special. I mean you expect a bum, you know those big things that mess with your head? You expect the main characters to fight, to cry, but there was something which all of us could learn: how to be selfless.
The Edge of Darkness was a nice book, and a recommend you to read it if you have the opportunity, because it is more than a romantic story, it is life put on paper.

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