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Review (43): Diamond Sky (Love Lines #3) by Diana Nixon

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Publishing date: July 10 2013
Pages: 232
Author: Diana Nixon
Published by: Createspace
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

Love. Is the only feeling that keeps you from doing lot of bad things. When you think about it you feel a rush of adrenaline and then, only then you realise how much you need to feel it. But there is not just love that keeps you alive; there is friendship, bounds that last forever.
Eileen has to find a way to know what is wrong and what is not, a way that will keep her from destroying the bounds between her and her friends, between her and the love of her life, Christian. But she still needs to protect them and what if the only way doing it is to make them leave? Being one of the most powerful human alive is not always the best option. Diamond Sky is the third book of the series Love Lines, a series that personally I have really enjoyed and has a special place in my heart. After waiting so much for this book, I can say that there was not a page, a line in this novel that could make me regret the time I spent wondering what will happen next. With the same charm that the author has written the first books, Diana succeeds to create the same aura of mystery, love and passion that can be found in the previous novels. The style is full of metaphors and pictures. In the second novel, Diana has written some poems in the book, in this one we can also find some beautiful lyrical poetry. Diana is one of those authors that aren’t just novel writers or just poetry writer, is one of those who can write both.
The story of this novel continues where the second left us. After the winter celebrations Eileen and her friends must return to Dever. And here it starts the whole new adventure that in the end made me cry. (And trust me, crying in a bust full with people is not ok) I can’t tell you much about the story, because not many of you have read it, but there are some things that I do want to tell you. First of all, there is not just love in this book, even if it is romance, to be honest there is more adventure, so personally I would change the genre of the book and write adventure instead of love, because people make a wrong picture in their mind when they read romance. Eileen has changed, has grown up, but still has that innocence and stubbornness that has been characterizing her from the first book.
And there is Evan. (Now you can let the air that you’ve been holding in your lungs, because yes, I said Evan, Evan the charming, beautiful amazing and great friend that you have loved from the first pages of the series.) I can write a new novel only speaking about him, but let’s just get to the subject. I think this book has crushed my secret hope to have him only, and exclusively for me. I think that each girl that has read this book has a secret crush on this guy, I completely forget about everything when someone speaks about him. He is not just that perfect guy who is in every girl’s mind, no, he is the best friend someone can have, and if you can’t have him to be yours, at least must be your friend. The third novel brings a lot of things about Evan, after I have read the book about him, From Scratch; I started to understand things better. We are all accustomed to have two main characters and the rest to be on the second plan, or something, but there is this amazing author named Diana who does not care’s about the rules and cares about each one of her characters and makes them main characters. I was thrilled that Evan has this special place on the book. Diamond Sky is the book that will make you go on tears girls, because the perfect boy has a lot on his head, not only bad things, not at all.
In the third book appears a new guy. Oh, yes you have read well, a new guy! Will is a new student of Wizardy, a new completion for Evan, and we all know how is he when it comes to a good challenge. William is a new face that brings mystery, intrigue, hate, passion, secrets. Because of him happen things, good or bad things, depends from which point are you looking.
The book continues in the same style like the previous one’s many perspectives, in this one is Christian’s and Eileen’s, I was a little bit sad that Evan has not spoken this time, because his mental conflicts where really funny, but, I don’t know why, I have a feeling that in the next book we will have a lot of Evan. It does not quite matters that it wasn’t his perspective on this book; we still had his jokes and ironies. The ending, what and ending! And don’t know if I can say that it was and ending, it was a torture, I just want to read the next book. If I had a lot of questions before this book, now you can double it to obtain a small part of the one’s I have now.
I missed the series characters and now that I had them for such a short time I want to reread the first book. Diana’s novels are addictive, you can’t just read one, or two, or three, you have to reread each one of them again and again. The novel’s title, well it made me think about a lot of thing before I have really realise it’s meaning. It was a really good choice.
The third book of the Love Lines series is full of feelings, full of every single thing that made me love and cherish this series. And now I need some time to think about what happed in this book. I need that break because I can’t thing about others characters or other action when I still have this book in my mind and soul.

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Well, I don't know what to say ... THIS is one of the most breathtaking reviews I have ever read - a real masterpiece by itself:) Thank you Stefana Alexandra!

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