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Review (46): White Chalk by Pavarti K Tyler

Genre: New Adult, Drama
Publishing date: July 7 2013
Pages: 272
Author: Pavarti K Tyler
Published by: Evolved Publishing
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

Life is never easy, but we have to learn that no matter what our life is above everything. You can cause no harm to yourself, because you have to learn to love your own person. We can’t change who we are, but we do have a chance to become better. These are just some of the things that Michelle "Chelle" Whitney has to learn so she can live with herself. Chelle is a thirteen year old girl who has been through a lot for a child at her age.
Doesn’t matter the age, a child will always need a safe place that can be called home, something that Chelle does not have. Because of her father that spent most of his time drunk and her mother that is always working, she lost her right to a childhood and grew up too fast. Now she is the responsible one in the house. She is left alone most of her time and doesn’t have many friends. So when Troy Christiansen enters into her life she finally finds a little joy, but is it ok to be so attached to a person that you barely know?
White Chalk is a book about life.
I have started to read this book with some reservations, but when I fished it all that was gone and I had a whole new picture in my mind. First you need to know that I pick my books only be looking through the cover, I do not usually read the synopsis. That’s why the beginning surprised me a little, but after that I saw what a great lesson was hidden behind the pages of the book. When you read a book you just read it for pleasure, you don’t expect to learn something, but that is what happened this time, I learned something.
White Chalk speaks about abuses, not only those that come from family, teachers, and older people in general, but also about those caused by friends. Because of the lack of love Chelle is always in search of those who can make her feel special, those who make her feel loved, and that is what brings her in awful postures like being friend with the guy she loves, having a relationship with someone that she doesn’t actually feels something, or having expectation from persons that have already failed her many, many times.
Chelle is really cute girl if you succeed to pass through her mask. (“The girl in the mirror could handle anything. But this girl in the mirror was a fraud, a fake, another in the series of lies that made up my life.”) She is really grown up, but sometime she lets herself being a thirteen years old girl –rarely and there is only a glimpse so you have to be careful to catch them. She does not have self esteem, that’s her biggest problem if you ask me; Chelle really needs to learn how to love herself. She acts the way she think people expect her to, not because it’s how she feels or how she is. And there are Troy, her dad and, Mr. Harris, the three men in her life, from what I can say they caused her problems from the beginning and until the end of the book. If you thing that those three are the only ones that made her problems you are wrong, I think that there is no one that actually helped her, hmm or maybe there were two characters. The characters were build in a realistic way so you get to think that this has actually happen, but to be honest it did, because is a problem that our society is confronting.
What I haven’t liked at this book it was the fact that I haven’t felt anything for those characters; I don’t know they let me cold. I haven’t even felt compassion for Chelle that in the end was the victim, no I had the impression that she disserved what she got, but this is wrong because no one does.
There was one thing that made me really enjoy this book: author’s style. Pavarati K. Tyler had succeeded to create more than a book; she created a life, a real story. Her characters were so close to reality and her style was good enough to make you wonder if it’s a book or there is a girl who has been through this and she is telling her story.
Even if this was different from what I usually read, I liked the book and if there would be a way to go back I would make the same choice, because there aren’t many books that speak about this topic and that’s what makes this book and original one.


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Pavarti K Tyler spunea...

Thank you so much for the insightful review! I'm so glad you did decide to pick up WHite Chalk and read it :)

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