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Review (51): Knightfall (The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight #1) by R. Jackson-Lawrence

Genre: Fantasy, SF, Adventure
Publishing date: April 2 2013
Pages: 310
Author: R. Jackson-Lawrence
Published by: -
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

There are things that we take for granted: electricity, power, food, resources. But there are things that we don’t know, things that we ignore; all those can change our life. For years people have searched for power, the power to change the unknown. Excelsior is an organization who tries to gain power over the unknown.
Benjamin Adrian Knight is no older that a usual teenager, but he has a different life from every child of his age. Ben is what can be called a genius. His sharp mind can break the barriers of time, space and gravity. At first everything seemed a dream, a great one for a child at his age, but with the time he realized what was happening.
Andrew has been his first driver. First carer. First jailer.
Excelsior managed to take him from his family, from his world. Excelsior was his ending.
Ben’s work would no doubt change the world forever, but if it went wrong?
At some point things went wrong, not just for Ben, but for all the world, so Benjamin, a fifteen years boy found himself thrown into a new world, a different one. With no one he could trust, Ben must survive, must repair his mistakes. Knightfall is a different book from what I usually read. It is the story of what could happen if we don’t stop messing with our planet. I was fascinated by the story as I continued to read it. The problems that Ben had to face were worse than I could imagine. But wasn’t Ben who made me live and breathe the same air as the characters, no it was another character, a minor one most of you would say.
Catrina was one of the southerners that saved Ben from dying; she was a strong woman that had two children and a loving husband, Edward. Catrina had to pass through a lot, a lot worse than Ben or the other characters, her lost was bigger that you could imagine, and that made her change a lot. The way she managed to accomplish her goals made me wonder if we in her place would react the same, or would be still indifferent to the pain that was around us.
What I really like about the book was the story behind the story, the past of the place where Benjamin has arrived. There was that struggle for life. They didn’t have the commodities we now have, but still didn’t need it.
R. Jackson-Lawrence really brought into light a new problem that our world is facing: the fight for power. The way the book was written reminded me of Lord of the Rings a little, not much, just the atmosphere was a little like J. R. R. Tolkien’s world. When you start reading Knightfall it isn’t the curiosity that makes you read the book at the beginning, no, it is the way it is told the story, it’s like one of the tales my grandfather used to tell me.
One big plus that this book has it’s the balance: you are allowed to guess some elements before they happen, but in the end there are others that will surprise you. I was surprised by the ending, I didn’t see it coming and I just can’t find the explanation for it, but for that I think I have to expect the next book.
For those who are fans of stories like Robin Hood, Gulliver and Lord of the Rings you should read this book, I’m sure that you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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Robert Lawrence spunea...

Thanks for an awesome review

If you would like a copy of book 2, it is available now. If you message me through my website at www.jackson-lawrence.com and let me know what format you prefer (mobi or epub, pdf is too big sadly) I will happily send it to you.



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