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Review (54): The Emblazoned Red by Dawn McCullough White

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal
Publishing date: May 29 2013
Pages: 236
Author: Dawn McCullough White
Published by: -
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

Sometimes we forget that our existence is not sure. Our reality may be the one that is a story and not the real one. Have you even imagined that? To be part of another world, another existence. In a world completely different, a dark one, the world of Faetta, there are many creatures as we only could dream about: pirates, paladins, vampire, zombies and other things that go far beyond our imagination.
In this world, a young woman and a paladin, Ilka, finds herself in front of the death. Her fiancé is gone and she is left in the arms of fate, or of her gods as she claims. In her world, there are different gods, but she is closed to one: Silvius, Lord of Sky. When she is almost dead, a ship of pirates finds her and Captain Nathaniel Sutton is the one who will take care of her. Living next to a pirate is not as bad as she thought it would be, but is he completely honest with her?
The Emblazoned Red is the story of a new world, a world full with characters that we often meet in the stories from our childhood. I get to enjoy the book. It was something in this book that remained me of the stories I like as a child, the atmosphere was really great. When you start reading a book like this, different I could say from what is usually in our bookstores, you have some questions about whether if you like it or not, but in the end you just stop thinking and start enjoying.
One of the characters I like most was Amourette, even if she did not appeared a lot. I don’t know I just like the way she was: a nice girl, innocent I would dare to say, but one that in the end is more cautious that any of the characters. And her name is quite unique.
What I have notices about the characters is that they have been structured well; there are no lacks of information. You know it is frustrating when you get to know a character and there are pieces missing from its description, or you can’t actually deduce that thing.
This is the first of a trilogy. The plot of the book is built in a way you can’t tell what is going to happen next. So right now I have no clue at all of what could happen in the next book. Sometimes you can predict what may happen, you can also be wrong; I usually don’t enjoy a book when I can make prediction and be sure of them.
The Emblazoned Red is not just different of the books you find usually in a bookstore, but it also is different from what I read. The vampires are back to the way they used to be and every creature on this book is like I used to know. I mean I like when authors bring something new to the old myths, but sometimes they go too far away from what was always told about them. With this book I had the chance to go back when vampires were scary and zombies were actually living dead.
This book is for those who enjoy a good tale, not the fairy type though. I am sure that you will enjoy this novel if you enjoy old stories, myths, and legends.

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