joi, 31 octombrie 2013

Primele 100 de cuvinte #17

Luna aceasta nu prea am apucat să postez, am fost mai tot timpul ocupată cu mutatul şi nu am avut nici internet. De data aceasta citesc o continuare a unei cărţi care am citit-o pentru un blog tour în mai parcă. Citesc The Grace in Darkness de Melissa Andrea.

Three months, six days, fifteen hours, and forty-three minutes. That’s how long it’d been since I last saw Araya.
One month, four days, ten hours, and twenty-nine minutes was how long it took for me to find out where she was.
One month, nine days, eight hours, and fifty-nine minutes was the amount of time it had taken me to actually work up the nerve to come see Araya.
As I walked through the grounds of Madison Academy, my heart pounded against my chest and I was sure everyone could hear the sound echo off the fancy stone

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