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Review (58): Hate at first sight by Diana Nixon

New Adult, Romance
Publishing date: -
Pages: 179
Author: Diana Nixon
Published by: Createspace
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

Most of us have heard about love at first sight, that kind of love that we all dream about. But have you ever thought that there may not be only love, but also hate at first sight? If love means happiness and dreams, what does hate means? How can you meet a person and just hate it? But you know what they say: From hate to love is just one teeny-tiny step.
Megan Brawley has a perfect life and no distractions are allowed in. She has left her family behind, moved to London and went to college so she could prove that she can make it on her own, and she did. But returning home after three years for her brother’s weeding is not as she expected to be: with everyone paying attention to her and being happy for her return. And if that was not enough she meets Aiden, the guy who is the perfect picture of a womanizer, at least in her opinion. Good thing that Aiden has a great sense of humour, otherwise no one could imagine how those two could stay under the same roof not even for five minutes.
Hate at first sight is a new adult, romance novel written by Diana Nixon, the author of Love Lines series. The book tells the story of the stubborn sister and the handsome friend who are forced by the circumstances to see each other every single day until the weeding of Owen, Megan’s brother, and Mary, his fiancée. The novel does not only create a hate story between the two of them, but it also has many funny moments.
What I really enjoyed about this book was not only the story, but the characters. What I have learned about Diana’s books is that she creates great characters real ones, with issues and that could live in the real world, not just in books. Aiden from Hate at first sight remained me of Evan from Love Lines; they both have that amazing attitude that makes each girl fall for them. And there is Megan, a real fighter and a symbol for girls. I really liked the fact that Megan was that kind of girl that does not give up her dreams for a guy. Megan has a perfect attitude, she knows how to stand up for her choices. I haven’t had the opportunity to focus on the other characters to much, the action was always around Aidan and Megan, but I did have a chance to get to know Owen a little. Owen is like that perfect big brother that any girl, especially one that is only child like me, wants to have as brother.
The whole action in this book happens in a quite short time so you have to enjoy your every single moment with the book and its characters. I got to admire Megan for her strength and for what she represents: a flame that never stops burning. I adore this kind of characters, strong, that transmit a powerful message. Aiden is the Prince Charming, the guy who makes every dream come true: good or bad, there aren’t only good moments; it’s like in real life.
There were a few scenes that made the temper rise with some degrees.
“He took off my thong and smiled, looking at my high-heeled shoes — the only thing I was still wearing. << Now, that’s exactly what I wanted you to look like in my bed. >>”
The ending was mind-blowing. I did expect something like that to happen, but the way it happened was like: “Oh my God, why don’t I have things like that happening to me?”
I did not know what to believe when I started the book, I mean I have read Diana’s other books and I loved them, but this one was different, had a different approach. However, this book hasn’t disappointed me. Diana is a great author that can write any kind of book and make it be great. Hate at first sight is like an ice cream in a hot day, you really need it.

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As always, I enjoyed every second of your review, Stafana!:) Thanks a lot:) Really loved it!

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