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Review (60): Blissfire - A short story collection by D.e.e.L.

Genre: Short Story
Publishing date: April 13 2012
Pages: 96
Author: D.e.e.L.
Published by: Lulu.com
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

We never know what to expect from life. We are just simple human beings that try to survive. But we are not always satisfied with our existence, no, because we always chase happiness, something that will fill the hole that exists in our hearts, the wound that never seems to heal.
We are constantly chasing something that we run from, we run from bliss, but also chase it.
“Find your bliss, even if you have to pass through the fire.” (D.e.e.L.)
Blissfire is a collection of ten short stories. Ten short story that apparently don’t have anything in common since the characters are in different stages of their life, but all of them are in search of happiness. All these people have in common a lot of shattered dreams, solitude. What I noticed while I was reading was the fact that each one of them has it’s daemons, demons that don’t let them live, that destroy them from the inside to outside. They don’t just have shattered dreams, they have a life that was left to pass, and they missed a lot of things just because they wanted to be in the safe side of the road. All of them had something creative in their life; they have aspired to a creative life, a life that wouldn’t bring them much, but maybe a happy life.
I don’t usually read short story, mainly because I like to follow a character from the start and until the end, to follow him through different stages of his life. Blissfire gave me the chance to read something different, something that I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy. But I did. I like the book, because there were different people, different story, but with the same purpose. I realized that this also applies to real life. In this world we are different, but in the same time we have a lot in common, we struggle every day to reach our dreams.
I cannot choose which one was my favorite, because each one had something that made me think of myself or the people I know. I think that these stories could be read on its own. You don’t actually have to read all the stories in order to learn something from them.
I think that it is worth to read these stories because you can see that life is not something that you have to take for granted, you have to work in order to have a life, a life that you will cherish. Blissfire was a unique book, something new for me, that made me more aware of the fact that not only novels can be great, but also short stories.

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