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Review (61): The Grace in Darkness by Melissa Andrea

Genre: Drama, Romance, New Adult
Publishing date: October 22nd 2013
Pages: 282
Author: Melissa Andrea
Published by: -
Review: Ştefana Alexandra

Sometimes we are not owners of our destiny. Sometimes we have to face fate and... life. Being selfless is a good thing for the others, but what if that sacrifice that makes you a good person can make the difference? What if that is the only thing that keeps you floating?
Ryland Dare has lost what he loved the most, the girl that made him better, that made him live: Araya. She left for him not to give up his life, for her to pursue her dreams. After the accident that left her blind, with no family besides an aunt that made her life miserable, and with nothing to dream about, she finally gets part of her life back, her passion, dancing. She has a new life, new friends, but has she forgotten all about Ryland?
A continuation of the book that made my heart melt with just a few lines, The Grace in Darkness brings back hopes, dreams, and above all brings back life. Usually people lose it after many attempts to get back on the road that haven’t succeeded. But Araya, the main character of this series, has that light, that power to rise and shine, even if the times are dark. She had a lot of things going on against her; however she never stopped being herself, doing what she likes the most. She kept her chin up and never let anyone step on her. She is a great example of a strong woman.
It is true that most of the book is about Araya and Ryland, but there is also a multitude of characters that are in search of redemption. There are the Dare brothers, they are the ones that have been forced by the circumstances to make bad choices, but this does not mean that they don’t have a chance to earn forgiveness and to be free of the burden that they have carried with them all the time.
I haven’t enjoyed this book as much as the first one, but maybe that was because of the fact that continuation isn’t as good as the first one, when you find out the story, the root. The Grace in darkness was over all a closure to what Araya’s been through then I new story.
Before eve the title was announced I had imagined an end for the book, an end that would be suitable and that would make me fell somehow released and better because Araya had her happy ever after, but then the title came out and I realised how wrong I was to believe that. But wasn’t until I have read the book that I understood what really happened.
Anyway, I felt like this last book brought some closure and I was satisfied with the end somehow, I did not love it, still did not hate it either.
This book was also written from Ryland and Araya’s point of view. I love the way Melissa Andrea could play with the words; she succeeded to create the perfect atmosphere for both characters. The translation from one to another was perfect and I did not felt for one minute that one word should belong to other character than the one who said it, felt it.
If you have read the first book I truly recommend you this one too.

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