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Review (63): The Souls of Rain (Heavens Trilogy #1) by Diana Nixon

Genre: Yound Adult, Romance, Fantasy
Publishing date: December 23rd 2013
Pages: 242
Author: Diana Nixon
Published by: Createspace
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

We have always known that there are entities above our power of to understand. As a child and maybe even later we all thought that there is something that is protecting us and named it “guardian angel”. But what if there is more to this unknown world? What if your guardian angel is your best friend, the lady from the market or your neighbour? There are secrets guarded better than anything in the universe. However there may be a slip, even the best of bests can make mistakes and it’s seems that the heavens are no exception.
Claire’s existence has always been great. Being one of the best guardian angels has its perks and she knows it and knows how to use it in her favour. But one the she receives a mission that puts her in a new place. There are no more children to look after, but a man with a destroyed soul.
Alan Rosenford has spent his last years crashing cars, drinking and going to every single party in town. His soul was so damaged that you could hardly think that he was only twenty-five. But there is something different about him, not only his comportment problems.
Claire will have to go through hell to keep this boy out of his usual problems and she will have some help: Nolan, a fallen angel, a guy she wasn’t even supposed to speak with.
The Souls of Rain is the first book in the Heavens Trilogy, written by Diana Nixon. As I was expecting I really enjoyed the book as I usually do with every think that was written by Diana. The first book of the Heavens Trilogy takes you into a world that could easily fit into ours. There are angels and demons, heaven and hell, and the war between them. But there is something more: a hand full of details that makes the book great. When I read a book I don’t do it just for the action, I like the details that make a novel successful. While reading The Souls of Rain I there were things that I couldn’t place, things that didn’t fit in the picture, because I didn’t have the details. I had my guesses, but you can never be sure of them so when I finally got to the part where you put the pieces tougher I was thrilled. That’s what I like about books: the mystery.
As always Diana succeeded to create a world where you can lose yourself in.
The characters felt real and they got under my skin, especially Nolan. Diana Nixon is one of the first authors that create not only amazing main characters, but also secondary. Nolan is that best friend that is charming, funny, the guy you want to take home with you after you meet him. I just loved him. And I have a guess, a really strong one, that he is the key to solve the mystery that is surrounding the heavens.
The book is written from Claire’s perspective, except from the prologue and epilogue that are at the third person. The prologue and epilogue are written in a manner that makes you want to read the book and the next one. There is where all the secrets begin.
The end of the book is heartbreaking; it just destroys you from inside. I was expecting something big to happen, but not like that. I felt sorry for all of them, but mostly I felt sorry for me that I have to wait a long time before the next book is released.
One thing that I was dying to know, was why was named like this? When I find out about the name, the connections I was like: “Ok, I was not expecting this.” I always knew that there was some kind of bound, but to actually have the certainty is totally different.
Now, when everyone writes about vampires, werewolves and angels, Diana has succeeded to create a new interesting and original book that not only has a great plot, but also is written better and many awarded books. The novel is not only about the action, or about the character no, it has everything that you could ask from a book.
With strong characters and a story that will take you to a walk around the universe, the novel will let you with the desire to know more, to read more. The Souls of the Rain is for sure one of the best books that approaches angels that you can read.

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