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Checkmate by Diana Nixon

Genre: New Adult, Romance,
Publishing date: 2014
Pages: 212
Author: Diana Nixon
Published by: -
Review: Ştefana Alexandra
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I have recieved and ARC for my honest review.

Life is nothing more but a chessboard. You could choose to play or to surrender; still nothing is as rewarding as winning. It’s not just you who has to be 100% focus on the game, but also your partner, just like in life you cannot play alone.
Young and beautiful Scarlett Wilson has engaged into a game with an opponent she surely underestimated. After spending one night with this beautiful French stranger she starts regretting not having control over herself, starting a game she is not aware of. Tired and with vague memories of her escaped, she has to go to work and meet the new head of her father’s company, a position she always wanted for herself. And so she meets Dominick Altier, her one-night stand.
Checkmate is a romance novel, written by Diana Nixon, the author of Love Lines series. The plot revolves around the tumultuous relationship between Scarlett and Dominick. He is the type of man who is accustomed to get everything he wants, is arrogant, smart, overconfident and, to Scarlett’s bad luck, extremely handsome. And they are so alike.
While reading this novel I felt like they are so bad for each other, still so good together and this has no sense, needless to say that I hated Dominick and Scarlett for how they chose to “deal with the problem”. You know in a normal relationship the partners must give in order to gain something, but in their case was only taking and no giving. You could actually feel the tension between those two. I felt like screaming at them every time and also laugh at how they always found something to block each other. Secretly I was hoping that the odds were in Scarlett’s favour, she kind of deserved to be the head of the company, because she worked really hard even though practically had no social life and somehow I saw myself in her so I was totally team Scarlett.
However, it wasn’t the game between the two main characters that I enjoyed the most, but the minor characters like Oliver. He is Dominick’s brother and a total sweetheart. I mean she may be a little too macho, but I loved how he sided with Scarlett and made his brother so angry, it was something I would pay to see on a screen, because it felt so real. As always Diana has succeeded to create beautiful characters, taking care that each one of them feels real. I always thought that the secret to write a great book is to put feelings into your work and dedicate yourself to the characters in it and this is what Diana has made all along.
There are several scenes in the book that I loved, still there is one which is my all-time favourite and of course has Oliver in his glory and it’s the first time we meet Oliver and also Scarlett has an encounter with him and Dominick which made the moment unforgettable. Just imagining the three of them in the same room makes me laugh.
Checkmate has everything to become a bestseller, because I am sure that a lot of persons will enjoy it as much as I did. It was like living through the characters, because you are introduced to both Dominick’s and Scarlett’s points of view, so you get to decide in which team you are.
I think all romance lovers should read this book. It is a nice lecture, especially now on summer when you have a lot of free time and just want to have a nice time.

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